This Pussy’s Not Up for Grabs


There seems to be some confusion with the term Feminist. My stated lack of support for the nomination and subsequent swearing in of Amy Coney Barrett into the most prestigious court in our country recently provoked quite the curious response…

“And you call yourself a feminist?!?!”

Yes. Yes I do. Yes, I am 100% and unabashedly, a full-throttle, on fire, stern and firm, stout and without a doubt, a loud and proud FEMINIST.

So, how can I call myself such a thing and choose not to, at times, support a woman? Because the term Feminist doesn’t equal blanket female support. It doesn’t mean blindly standing behind another person simply because we share the same gender.

That kind of thinking is illogical, unreasonable, and just plain absurd.

Want to know what Feminism is all about? Wonder what it means? Are you curious about its definition? Awesome, let me enlighten you to a very simple, one-word answer:


Feminism and supporters of the feminist movement are fighting for EQUALITY. It is a movement that demands we are all treated equally, have equal and unbiased choices for the same opportunities, and equal pay for the same work.

Why does this focus on women? Because historically, and still presently, we have not been treated equally, have not consistently been provided equal and unbiased choices for the same opportunities, nor equal pay, as men.

It doesn’t matter if you disagree with this: it’s a fact. I know, I know…facts are super difficult right now for conservatives, but facts are facts, friend.

I do not support Ms. Barrett specifically because of her lack of experience, which is pretty vast, and her political views on topics that are important to me and will affect my family directly. I also do not support her because I wholeheartedly believe she will not be able to rule in an unbiased manner with respect to her religious beliefs. Sure, you can scream THAT IS NOT ON THE TABLE!! SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE!! But this is my belief and you don’t have to agree with it. It is 100% based on her involvement, affiliations, public opinions, and statements she has made that support this belief. I also wholeheartedly believe that the potential for her to threaten civil liberties and women’s rights is real and BIG.

Why-oh-why would I support a woman that clearly doesn’t support women?? Why-oh-why would I support a woman that clearly has an affinity for the breakdown of women’s rights?? Why-oh-why would I support a woman that has clearly shown her own support for the reversal of rulings that keep women safe and give them choices??

Seems a tad counterproductive to me. But then, I’m just a woman. What do I know??

During the hearings she refused to answer simple questions that made my lack of support for her so easy. Her clear cowardice at refusing to face the questions that will affect millions told me all I needed to know. Her previous comments from her past regarding topics that I support clearly show where her opinions lie on such things as the ACA, Roe v. Wade, the peaceful transfer of power, and other crucial topics. Honestly, she didn’t even need to answer the questions surrounding these topics as you can do your own research to fully understand where she stands, but it would have at least allowed me the opportunity to respect her stance and her beliefs. Instead I observed her namby-pamby lack of a spine, her fear of actually standing up for her own beliefs, and her weak and feeble character.

I could not have been more unimpressed.

I’d love to be able to simply review her history of court decisions regarding any rulings she’s made with respect to anything even close to what she will undoubtedly be ruling on while sitting on the highest court in the land, but I can’t, because there are none. Her jaw-dropping lack of experience in every way speaks for itself.

There is an endless list of women I do not and would never support. Are you shocked? You shouldn’t be. My opinions, my beliefs, my backing, and my valuable loyalty are way more precious than a shared body part.

You need to have so much more than a vagina to gain my support.

I have chosen not to support this woman in her new role, not because she’s a conservative, but because I find her untrustworthy, unqualified, and a direct threat to my current rights, and to the world that will be left behind for my daughter.

My loyalty to the feminist movement is not what’s in question here. It’s Ms. Barrett’s clear lack of support, work, forward-thinking, and commitment to ensuring a fair and equal future for women that should be taking front and center stage.

Leave my vagina out of it. This pussy’s not up for grabs.



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Elizabeth Craig

Photographer, Reiki Practitioner, wanderer, ponderer, lover of writing.