The Unalome: A Symbol of the Human Experience

Elizabeth Craig
4 min readJul 27, 2022


Have you ever heard of an unalome? It’s a beautiful and elegant shape that, if you don’t know what it is, you may not believe that its message and meaning are deeply spiritual.

The unalome is a Buddhist symbol signifying the human experience with regards to the journey to enlightenment, or the journey of our existence in one lifetime. Each section of the unalome holds significance to each phase of the path we choose to walk.

The beginning of the unalome starts with a circular winding at the bottom. This signifies our birth into this world or a time of awakening. The circular pattern denotes confusion, fears, and uncertainties in our journey. As we begin to gain clarity, we exit the cycle of suffering and enter into the next phase. Some people can get caught up in this section, choosing to live within societal norms or culture, rather than living an authentic life.

This next phase shows the twists and turns that are part of our existence. Life isn’t a straight line and the curves of this phase symbolize the continual climb, difficulties, hard decisions, and challenges one experiences in the path of the Self. Sometimes we can even go backward in this section when a lesson needs to be revisited or re-learned.

As clarity continues and wisdom is gained, the twists become tighter, denoting even deeper wisdom, maturity, and evolution as a human, but also in our connection and awareness of oneness.

Finally, the unalome straightens out and this line signifies our alignment with our authentic self and our purpose, or dharma, in this life. This is when your thoughts and actions align with your inner truth. This is a space of deep wisdom.

You’ll notice the 3 dots at the top of the straight line. These dots are the symbol of enlightenment finally being attained. There are three dots, symbolizing the sacred syllable om.

Through our confusion and fears, we choose to meet our challenges head-on to seek deeper wisdom, which hopefully leads us to reach our goals and walk our true path in this lifetime. This is when we have a full awareness of our purpose and who doesn’t want to know that?

You may also see an unalome with a lotus flower perched on top of the three dots. Lotus flowers grow in muddy, murky water, sometimes with little sunlight, yet they find the strength to persevere, break through the muck of their environment, fight the odds, and grow into beautiful flowers. This symbolizes our own perseverance and pushing through to find our own strength and beauty.

So, what can you do now that you know this lovely symbol’s meaning? You can incorporate it into your life any way you choose. Whatever you choose to do, remember that this is a revered symbol within an ancient and respected philosophy. Make sure, no matter how it’s represented in your life, that respect for its affiliation and history is adhered to.

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