The Dom | The Sub | The Mistress

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Well, my friends… this one is for the books. You’d think with all of my years in this business, this is a style within my photography I would’ve come across quite often. You’d be wrong. This was an absolutely delicious day with Ms. Laura, as it always is. Every time Laura, Lee Ann, and I get together it’s always something creative, fun, and wildly sexy.

When Laura booked this session and I asked her what we were into for this one, without a pause she said, “Dominatrix and Submissive”. I gave a big WOOT and off we went. We pondered over her 3rd outfit and I suggested either a Madame: badass, cutthroat, businesswoman that will stomp your guts out one minute and kiss you passionately the next, or the Mistress: sweet, seductive, intoxicating, who lets you believe you are in control but she knows, in reality, she pulls all the strings. We chose Mistress. I love that Laura brought in a wig for this outfit. It really brought out the Mistress in such a provocative way.

Here is what was so mesmerizing and captivating about this session: Laura and I weren’t interested in capturing these “characters”; we went deep to bring out the qualities associated with each of these outfits in Laura. I wanted her to sink deep into herself and push the safety of acting aside while bringing out her own connection to these sides of herself. She went at it like a champ, but as we rallied for the last outfit, which was to be the Dom, she hesitated and said, “I’m a little nervous for this one.” When I asked why she said, “Because I don’t know if I feel her. I don’t know if I have her inside of me or if I feel comfortable with it.” It took three minutes of me reminding her what a force she is to reckon with and that was that. Out came my favorite woman of all: The Dominatrix.

She. Killed. It. Though I’m not one bit surprised.

It takes more guts, bravery, and courage than I think I even have to conjure the qualities that Laura summoned. She went well beyond what she thought she could do, pushed herself outside of her comfort zone in such a big way, and then not just allowed me to release it all to the world, but said, “Go for it. Share away. Tag away. I LOVE THEM.”

Woman, you are a true badass…and I bow down.

If you’re looking to bring out your inner goddess, I’m just a click away!

Photos by Author



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Elizabeth Craig

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